​​​Royal Arms Gunstocks

Crossbreeds and Pistol Stocks

Cross Breeds

It is possible to "Cross Breed" forend and butt stock from two different stocks, such as the forend section from the Bitterroot Sporter with the butt stock of the Thumbhole Varminter to create the Thumbhole Hunter stock listed above. The cross shown here is the Thumbhole Varminter butt with the Montana Varminter forend, and is called called the Varminter Cross stock. For other crosses, there is an additional charge of $20.00 to do so because it increases the machine time required to produce a stock.

Mannlicher Length Stocks

Available in all Classic styles, Bitterroot Sporter and Montana Plainsman styles and British SMLE. Also styles for New England Firearms shotguns and Thompson Contender and Encores. As you can see in the picture, an extension is fit to a regular carving pattern to produce the long stock. Steel tip caps are available as are contrasting wood tips & grip caps. These can be inlet to most actions, but gets thin when heavy actions are used. Steel forend tips are custom made to order. $50.00 & up.

Target Rifle Stocks

Several patterns are available: Pre WWII Winchester Model 70, Current Ruger 77 MK II, Fred Pico's Small Bore Silhouette stock (bottom stock), filled out in action area for HP rifles, Anchutz Small Bore Position Stock (middle stock), Early Freeland Thumbhole Small Bore Position stock (top stock), Big Benchrest Thumbhole stock (Looks like an overgrown Wildcat stock). These are listed from simplest to complex.

Two-Piece Stock Sets

Ruger #1 Stocks
The patterns shown here are right and left hand versions of Ruger # 1 stocks available. The top pair is a factory duplicate. The middle pair is sort of middle of the road with cheekpiece and grip cap. The bottom pair is nearly the same as the Montana Plainsman and Montana Varminter stocks with contrasting grip cap and forend tip. The bottom forend is factory, the right is a beavertail style with Schnable tip which goes with the butt stock above it. The left forend is a heavy factory with wood to shape to your desire.

Thompson/Contender Series

Available in right and left hand versions, some for Iron sights and some with raised combs for use with scopes. Three different versions of forend are also available. As you have seen by earlier pictures, there is a thumbhole version also available for the Contender and the Encore. It can be had with regular or Mannlicher length forend.

Shotgun Stocks and Forends

The patterns shown are for Winchester Model 12 Trap, right and left hand, Remington 870 Trap and Winchester Model 12 Field. Many other patterns are available. If we don't have a pattern for your shotgun stock, the original stock can be used as a pattern. If it doesn't fit you correctly, take automotive body putty and build it up or grind it down until it does fit and shoots right. Then send it to us to cut a custom stock just for you.

XP 100 Pistol Stocks for Savage and other Hand Cannons

This stock pattern originated for the X P 100, but can be inlet to most of the other bolt action pistols available. The pattern is ambidextrous. After carving the stock is corrected to either right hand or left hand use by filing off the unneeded thumb rest. These stocks are available in all woods available including laminated woods. Grain flow is extremely important for heavy calibers.