Monte Carlo Gunstocks

The Bitterroot Sporter

This stock is patterned after the early Weatherby rifles with a forward sloping Monte Carlo comb and roll over cheek piece which positions the face correctly for scope use. The forend is squarish in cross section with the sides sloping inward. The grip is sharply curved and has a palm swell. (By now you've noted that I like palm swells.) 45 degree cut contrasting wood forend tips and grip caps with white line spacers are standard for this stock. If no tip, cap or white line is desired, please specify so when ordering. This stock can be inlet to almost any action, but is very tight for Enfields with reduced magazine capacity. If a heavy target barrel is to be used, please state so on the order so the forend can be made wider for the heavy barrel. Also available in a petite version. Length of pull is 14" without pad and can be special ordered longer. Note that the bottom stock has a square cut forend tip.

Bitterroot Sporter For Mini 14

This stock is a shortened version of the Bitterroot Sporter, pre-inletted to the Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30 rifles. It comes with a wood hand guard which will match as close as we can get it. The rifle can be fit to the stock using the original Ruger hardware, but a better fit and better accuracy is usually achieved by using the same bedding procedures as when bedding a match grade M-14 target rifle. Instructions and materials are available from Royal Arms Gunstocks. This stock also can be ordered for other shorter rifles such as 10-22 and Rem 597.

Beavertail Sporter

The butt section of this stock is the same as the Bitterroot Sporter described earlier. It has a high, forward sloping Monte Carlo comb, mild roll over cheekpiece and palm swell. The forend begins to widen at about the midpoint of the magazine recess and reaches its widest point of about two inches near the front of the chamber area. From there it tapers toward the tip. Most of the beavertail swell is at the bottom of the forend giving a finger groove effect. The rails are wide enough to accommodate all but the heaviest target barrels. Contrasting wood forend tips and grip caps with white line spacers are standard on this stock also. If you would like this stock with no tip & cap or no spacers or wider rails, please just ask.

Montana Plainsman & Montana Varminter
The Montana Plainsman

This stock is more rounded than the Bitterroot Sporter with a more pronounced cheek piece, a bit more hook to the grip and a rounded forend. Decorative forend tip cut at 45 degrees & gripcap are standard with this stock. If you don't want them, just say so. The cheekpiece has more roll over and makes a sharper step up from the butt, but flows into the grip quite smoothly. The transition from grip to magazine area is sharply defined like the Euro Classic. This stock is available in right and left hand versions and Mannlicher lengths. Length of pull is 14" without pad. It is suitable for 1917 Enfield actions with reduced magazine.

The Montana Varminter

The Montana Varminter is a sister stock to the Montana Plainsman. It has a wide forend that is slightly rounded on the bottom and sweeps outward at the magazine recess. There is a strong finger groove effect where the bottom curves into the rails of the forend. A very comfortable stock for hunting and bench use. Both stocks are available with your choice of decorative tip and cap style and wood., with or without white line spacers. This stock is available in right and left hand versions. Length of pull is 14" without pad.

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