​​​Royal Arms Gunstocks

Thumbhole Stocks

The Thumbhole Varminter

This stock has a high, forward sloping Monte Carlo comb and roll over cheekpiece similar to the Beavertail Sporter. The comb bridges forward to the rear of the action tang area, generating the thumbhole. The grip is fairly large and near vertical with a palm swell and a tear drop shaped grip cap that melds into the bottom line to the butt. The grip is also offset slightly to the right. The forend is the same pattern as the Beavertail Sporter described above. Contrasting forend tips and grip caps with white line spacers are standard. If you don't like them, just ask!! This stock can be inlet to almost any standard or magnum action except 1917 Enfield with full magazine, Ruger 77R and Browning A Bolt. If a very heavy barrel will be used, ask for wider rails in the ordering process.

Thumbhole Varminter for Shorter Rifles

This is a special adaptation to handle the Ruger 10-22, Remington 597, Marlin and Savage short barrel rifles. The magazine area is raised and the forend is shortened. There is an added hump at the rear of the action to cover the rear of Ruger's 10-22 receiver.

Thumbhole Varmiter For The M14

Just what it says. Meant to use the plastic or steel hand guard that comes with an M-14, but a wood handguard can be ordered. The cut-outs for the A-2 version are not there. It could be built with decorative tip and cap but may weaken the forend of the stock.

The Montana Hunter

The Montana Hunter stock has a straight comb with little drop at the butt and a rounded cross section forend. It was designed around a 300 Win Mag barreled action, so it handles recoil well. It is available in right and left hand versions The thumbhole is large and open to accommodate heavy gloves during cold weather. The grip is near vertical and smallish at the top, filling out to the grip cap with a nice palm swell. Forty-five degree forend tips and grip caps with white line spacers are standard for this stock. If you don't like'um, just ask. The stock looks good with a square cut forend tip also. This stock can be inlet to almost any action except Ruger 77R and Browning A Bolt because of the position of the safety.

Montana Hunter For SKS Carbines And Ruger Mini 14 & Mini 30

This is a shortened standard stock, changed a little bit in the forend to handle the above carbines. The stocks come with a hand guard that is as close as we can match it to the stock. The stocks were specifically designed around each rifle and are turned and inletted from those master patterns. For best results, it is recommended that either rifle be epoxy bedded into the stock following the same principles as those used to bed an M-14 match rifle. Instructions and materials are available from Royal Arms Gunstocks.

The Thumbhole Hunter

The Thumbhole Hunter stock uses the butt section of the Thumbhole Varminter and the forend of the Bitteroot Sporter. The thumbhole is enlarged to allow easier use of gloves for cold weather hunting. The stock is normally fit with decorative 45 degree cut forend tip and a grip cap, both with white line spacers. If you don't like them, just say so. The stock can be inlet to most actions except the 1917 Enfield, Ruger 77R and Browning A Bolt.