​​​Royal Arms Gunstocks

This piece has nice arching figure and there is about 70% fiddleback, along with the grain lines which makes it a AAA Fancy grade. Unfortunately, due to light conditions, the fiddleback is hard to see in this picture. This example could also be considered Crotch, which is a higher grade yet. Crotch and stump figure are usually confined to the butt of the stock but may extend some into the forend area.

These two Winchester butt stocks show nice figure. The top would be A Fancy grade based on grain lines and color. The bottom is AA Fancy based on color, grain lines and the amount of fiddleback showing. Another type of figure is Marble Cake which has flowing waves of alternating color. This often shows in stump wood.

This is AA Fancy Crotch Walnut. It shows some of the rippling waves of grain lines and color radiating outward. It also has fiddleback in the mix, but it doesn't show too well. This one ended up being a Winchester 94 rifle butt stock and forend set.Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.